zondag 22 maart 2009

European Scum

"European Scum"

Reacting to the Daily News story about "eurotrash" coming to New York City to tag subway cars, Transit Bureau Chief James Hall downplayed the role of the foreigners at the MTA committee meeting this morning. So far, 31 people were busted for major hits of subway cars in "layup" tracks in the tunnels or yards. Of those, four were foreign -- Three Slovaks and an Aussie. But with vandalism on the rise, Hall said he assigned new "pitbull detectives" to get the offenders. Hall did acknowledge that a new tagging culture encourages people to spray paint on cars and photograph it for the Internet -- even though the "art" will be promptly erased. "It has a lot to do with bragging rights," he said. Here's a list of Euro "tagger crews."

Chuck Bennett

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